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Cole Road Project

This project involves the improvement of a series of drainage ditches in the north central/western portion of Orange County. The drainage ditches primarily  include the Cole Road Ditch, which flows into both Tiger Creek at the western end of the ditch, and into the Rebel Road – East Ditch on the east end, which further flows into Caney Creek.

The Drainage District has completed a portion of the Cole Road Ditch, and is currently working on the Rebel Road – East Ditch.  Upon completion of the Rebel Road – East Ditch, the District will resume work on the Cole Road Ditch, working in a westward direction until the entirety of the ditch to Tiger Creek is completed.

During this Project, the District will also be making improvements to the Central Ditch, which runs between Dixie Drive and Rebel Road.

NOTE*** The ditch on the map below from Cole Road to Tiger Creek has not yet been completed. This project is being moved to the completed section of the website until the ditch herein is prioritized.