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The Orange County Drainage District is a special district of the State of Texas charged with drainage in Orange County Texas. The District is located in Southeast Texas and consists of approximately 380 square miles which lie entirely within Orange County. The District is governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors. The Board selects and employs a General Manager who is responsible for managing the District consistent with the plans, goals and directives of the Board, and for implementing the policies of the Board.

Orange County is uniquely bordered on the east by the Sabine River, on the west by the Neches River, and on the south by Sabine Lake. As a coastal county that primarily drains into major river systems and/or the marsh, riverine and tidal conditions can significantly affect drainage within Orange County. In general, the District is responsible for providing and maintaining drainage of the developed areas of the County. Drainage within the County is largely achieved through drainage ditches and channels that flow into the rivers, bayous, creeks, gullies, and man-made ditches that span large portions of Orange County.

The District’s drainage infrastructure consists almost exclusively of the major earthen drainage ditches and channels, both natural and man-made. On a day-to-day basis, the District is engaged in the maintenance and improvement of these earthen ditches (over 600 miles of ditches), which regularly consists of excavation, removal of silt, mowing and/or herbicidal spray operations. 

The District works with other entities that also have a role with regard to drainage within Orange County, such as the Cities and Orange County Road and Bridge, which generally have responsibility for the internal drainage within subdivisions and alongside most roads. Likewise, the Drainage District works with the Texas Department of Transportation which generally has responsibility for the drainage along state highways.  

Board of Directors

Director At Large
Brent Peveto, President

Precinct 4
Hal LaPray, Vice-President

Precinct 1
Russell Covington

Precinct 2
Larry E. Ancelot, Jr.

Precinct 3
James Scales, Secretary/Treasurer


General Manager
Neal Ford

Assistant General Manager
Douglas E. Manning

Executive Manager of Special Projects
Don Carona

Office Manager
Cindy Pent

District Purchaser
Joe Escobedo

Jack Meaut, RPLS

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