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School House Ditch Project Phase 1

The School House Ditch originates on the east side of the intersection of I-10 and Canal Street. The outfall travels southeast crossing under Orange Street, then southwest crossing under Highway 105. The outfall then runs generally south and crosses under Old Spanish Trail, where it ultimately disperses into the marsh before flowing into the Neches River. The School House Ditch drains a significant amount of storm water runoff in the Vidor area.

The Phase 1 project involves the re-grading of the outfall (depicted in orange on the map above) from Highway 105 south to the area of the water treatment plant located off of Dogwood Drive in south Vidor. The Phase 1 project will result in approximately 8,300 feet of drainage improvements to the School House Ditch.  

As stated above, the School House Ditch drains into the marsh and ultimately into the Neches River. Both the marsh and the ditch are impacted by the tidal influences affecting the Neches River.

Additional photos off the project will be added as the project progresses.