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Needles Street Outfall Project

The Needles Street Outfall Project was a joint operation between the District, Orange County and the City of Vidor, Texas.

The Needles Street Outfall drains from Longleaf Street north crossing under Hickory Street, Kent Street, then drains east crossing under Pine Shadows Street and ultimately into Anderson Gully. The project included installing a new crossing under Pine Shadows Street, and the regrading of the outfall from Anderson Gully to Longleaf Street. The very limited and restricted access caused the project to be very challenging. But with the team approach of the Orange County Drainage District, Orange County Road and Bridge, the City of Vidor and surrounding home owners, the project was successfully completed on 10/14/2021. Since the completion of the Needles Street Outfall Project, the District has continued its commitment to the citizens of the City of Vidor by successfully obtaining funding in support of drainage improvements to Tiger Creek.

The proposed Tiger Creek Improvement Project is designed to construct a 3,600 ac/ft capacity detention pond at the northern reaches of Tiger Creek (Vidor/Rose City Area). Construction shall consist of the excavation, embankment construction, and grading of approximately five million eight hundred eight thousand cubic yards (5,808,000 CY) of dirt, clearing and grubbing of four hundred fifty acres (450 AC) of land, four (4) water control features, four (4) sixty thousand gallon per minute pump units, one (1) intake structure and pump house, two hundred linear feet (200 l.f..) of sixty-inch (60″) discharge piping, erosion protection at pump discharge, and all related appurtenances. Upon completion, the existence of a detention structure will relive the pressure on existing drainage structures located within the City of Vidor, thereby providing drainage relief to all of the citizens of the City.