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Developments (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Small and Other)

The Orange County Drainage District regulates Developments (Residential Commercial Industrial Small and Other) within Orange County, Texas in accordance with its Drainage Criteria Manual and Regulations (as amended 12-13-2022). The Orange County Drainage District classifies proposed developments as follows:

  • Residential Subdivisions.
  • Commercial Developments (including, but not limited to, duplexes, triplexes, or other multifamily residential development). See, Section 2.2.3 of the Orange County Drainage District Drainage Criteria Manual and Regulations.
  • Industrial Developments.
  • Small Developments (those developments creating 8,000 sq. ft or less of new impervious surface area).
  • Other Developments.

Approval By Other Jurisdictions

In addition to the approval and permitting process as reflected in its Drainage Criteria Manual and Regulations, developers may be required to obtain additional approval from other political subdivisions sharing concurrent jurisdiction over the proposed area of development including Orange County, Texas, City of Orange, City of Vidor, City of Bridge City, City of Pinehurst, City of West Orange, and the Texas Department of Transportation. Obtain a permit for developments within Orange County Texas.

Residential Subdivisions, Commercial, Industrial, or Other Developments

To obtain a review and concept approval of a drainage plan for development, and, issuance of a permit for the commencement of construction, download and complete the documents below. Include all applicable material in support of the request as indicated in these documents. The steps are as follows:

  • Predevelopment Conference. Schedule a pre-development conference wherein the District will assist the developer in determining the best approach to drainage of the proposed development. There is not a fee for this conference.
  • Request for Review and Concept Approval of Development and Permit for Commencement of Construction. The developer will submit a Request form with the required review fee. The District, assisted by its Engineer, will review the drainage plan for the development and may suggest or require changes to ensure that the plan complies with the District’s Drainage Criteria Manual and Regulations. After approval, the District will issue a permit to commence construction.
  • POA Requirements for Residential Developments. Residential developers wishing to create a residential subdivision are required to create a Property Owner’s Association (POA or HOA) in accordance with Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code. To assist Developers in complying with this requirement, the District has published sample POA documents for review. The District makes no representation as to the accuracy or suitability of the sample documents for a particular development.
  • Forms and Sample Documents.
  • Submission Requirements. Submit the completed documents as well as any attachments in accordance with Section 3.1.2 of the Drainage Criteria Manual and Regulations by delivering the documents, along with the applicable Review Fee, in person, by courier, or by mail at the following address: Orange County Drainage District, Attention: Developments, 8081 Old Highway 90, Orange, Texas 77630. Also, the District recommends that the Applicant deliver the Request and supporting documents in person in order to minimize the risk of loss of the documents. The District will not begin its review of any request prior to receipt of the required Review Fee.
  • Pre-submission Review of HOA/POA documents and other dedicatory instruments. Developers are strongly encouraged, but not required, to submit all HOA/POA and other dedicatory instruments to the Orange County Drainage District before filing the instruments with the Orange County Clerk. You may email the documents to the District HERE or use the submission portal below.


On June 13, 2023, the Board of Directors took action to revise the current review fees charged by the Orange County Drainage District. The new schedule of Review Fees has been placed in its Drainage Criteria Manual. For the convenience of the public here is a direct link to the new Schedule of Review Fees.

Application and Verification of a Small Development

Applicants should use the District’s Small Development Permit Application or commercial developments creating less than 8,000 square feet of new impervious surface area for developments (residential, commercial, small and other).  Consult Section 8.9 of the Orange County Drainage District Drainage Criteria Manual and Regulations for further information concerning small developments.

Submission of Supporting Documents

You may submit the completed application and supporting documents to the District using the Application Submission Portal below. You may also deliver the documents in person, by courier, or by mail to the following address: Orange County Drainage District, Attention: Developments, 8081 Old Highway 90, Orange, Texas 77630. The District charges no fee for submission of this Application.

Application Submission Portal

You may use the portal below to submit documents relating to developments (residential, commercial, small and other).