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Cole Creek Project Phase 2

The Cole Creek Project Phase 2 involves the regrading of Cole Creek (depicted in orange on the map above) from Interstate 10 north for more then 6 miles. In Cole Creek Project Phase 1, Cole Creek from Interstate 10 south to the rail road tracks just above Cow Bayou. Cole Creek drains into Cow Bayou causing the structure to be impacted by the conditions of the Bayou, including tidal influences. 

The Cole Creek Project Phase 2 also includes the evaluation (checking for positive drainage) of each tributary to Cole Creek, that drain the surrounding areas.

Currently operations are being performed on two tributary ditches to Cole Creek. One tributary Drains from Highway 1442 to Cole Creek and is adjacent to the North side of the Southeastern Freight Lines building located off of Highway 1442. The second tributary that the District will be making improvements to drains from Highway 1442 to Cole Creek and it located on the east side of Highway 1442 across from Bland Road. Upon completion of the two tributaries referenced above the District will resume operations on Cole Creek. (Updated 8/19/2021)

The Cole Creek Drainage Improvement Project (Phase II) was successfully completed in late 2022. Please see the photographs below additional details of the nature and scope of the work performed before, and after, completion of the Project.

Cole Creek Project (Phase II) Prior To Improvements

Cole Creek Project (Phase II) Completion