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2021 Cow Bayou Waterway Debris Removal Project NRCS/USDA

The Orange County Drainage District commenced its Bayous Debris Removal Project, which involves primarily the removal of fallen trees and other vegetative debris from within Adams Bayou, Cow Bayou and Little Cypress Bayou. The purpose of the Project is to remove debris from these three bayous that so that drainage is not impaired within these bayous, each of which serve to drain significant portions of Orange County. The Cow Bayou Watershed originates in Jasper County, the Adams Bayou watershed originates in Newton County, and the Little Cypress Bayou watershed originates in Orange County. All three bayous drain into the Sabine River.

The District has secured grant funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to help pay for a large portion of this Project. The total cost of the Project is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million. The Drainage District has contracted with Aftermath Disaster Recovery, Inc., which provides multiple barge units equipped with grapple and saws, to assist with the Project.

The first component of the Project was the removal of the debris from Little Cypress Bayou.  The Project began on Thursday, June 3, 2021 and was completed on 6/12/2021 removing more then 4200 cubic yards of debris from within Little Cypress Bayou. The scope of the Little Cypress Bayou project included removal of debris within and along Little Cypress Bayou from the Sabine River to FM 3247.

On 6/11/2021, The District commenced the second component of the project involving the removal of trees and debris from within and along Adams Bayou. The scope of work for Adams Bayou starts at FM 1006, and reaching as far north as Eight Gate Road. Pictures below are from current progress of Adams Bayou. This project is currently still in progress, Additional pictures will be posted as the project proceeds.

On 6/28/2021, The District commenced the third and final component of the project involving the removal of trees and debris from within and along Cow Bayou. The scope of work for Cow Bayou begins at Texas Ave. in Bridge City, Texas, and terminates at Highway 12 where Cow Bayou crosses underneath. Pictures will be added to this post as the project proceeds.

The Cow Bayou waterway debris removal project was completed on 7/24/2021. Aftermath the contractor that was selected to perform the job removed over 5500 cubic yards of debris. The Drainage District loaded all the debris from an upland bank, and hauled the material to the final disposal site.