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Burger King Ditch Project

We are pleased to announce our Orange County Drainage District’s Burger King Ditch Project. The project, when completed, will add approximately 14,450 feet of drainage improvements to the two (2) earthen outfall ditches (depicted in green on the map above) located south of Interstate 10 and east of Highway 62 in Orange County, Texas.

These two outfalls drain a significant quantity of storm water runoff from areas located both north and south of Interstate 10. The two (2) drainage structures converge southeast of Gilbeaux’s Towing (off of Highway 62) then proceed west, crossing under Highway 62 near Dempsey Road, before finally terminating into Dorman Gully.

The photographs below depict the District’s progress on this major drainage project. Check back for updates and additional photographs reflecting the Orange County Drainage District’s Burger King Ditch Project as well as other drainage improvement projects that the District is incorporating into its network of drainage structures throughout Orange County.

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