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Notice of Application for CDGB-MIT Funding Related to the Orange County Drainage District’s Tiger Creek Detention Pond Project.

Orange County Drainage District’s Application for CDBG-MIT Funding Related To the District’s Tiger Creek Detention Project.

Summary of CDBG-MIT Funding Request for Tiger Creek

The Orange County Drainage District has applied for CDBG-MIT Funding to build a 3,600 ac/ft capacity detention pond at the northern reaches of Tiger Creek (Vidor/Rose City Area). Construction shall consist of the excavation, embankment construction, and grading of approximately five million eight hundred eight thousand cubic yards (5,808,000 CY) of dirt, clearing and grubbing of four hundred fifty acres (450 AC) of land, four (4) water control features, four (4) sixty thousand gallon per minute pump units, one (1) intake structure and pump house, two hundred linear feet (200 l.f..) of sixty-inch (60″) discharge piping, erosion protection at pump discharge, and all related appurtenances.

The average depth of excavation is expected to be nine (9) feet, with a depth of 15-16 feet along Tiger Creek and 4 feet at the eastern edge. The project footprint is 600 acres, yielding a functional pond of approximately 400 acres.

The proposed project will provide approximately 3,600 ac-ft of detention capacity. Side flow will allow high water in Tiger Creek and the Cole Rd. ditch to flow into the pond and be stored temporarily during high rainfall events. Pump stations will discharge stored water to Tiger Creek after a rain event, when sufficient capacity is available in the ditch.

Construction of the detention pond will enhance the effectiveness of most District owned/maintained infrastructure within the Tiger Creek watershed. This will reduce the demand placed upon both existing and planned culverts, drainage ditches/channels, and other flood control structures during flood events. In addition, construction of the detention pond will provide adequate detention, drainage and diversion of storm water to reduce flooding of streets, thereby ensuring access to emergency services and rescue personnel.